Complete Roadmap For ReactJS

ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript user interface library. It is highly popularity within the web development community. Similarly, React Native enjoys comparable popularity among developers working on mobile applications.

In this article, we will explain a complete roadmap to learn ReactJS.If you are thinking of starting to learn ReactJS. This article is for you.

Why do you need a roadmap to learn React?

Why should you consider following a roadmap when learning React? Imagine finding yourself in an unfamiliar city and needing to navigate from one location to another. In such situations, a map or a guide becomes your invaluable companion, aiding your journey.

Learning a new skill is like navigating through an unfamiliar city. Just as a roadmap helps you find your way around, having a structured learning plan for React can greatly simplify your learning journey. This roadmap lays out a clear sequence: “Begin with A, then move to B, and this will make mastering C much easier.”

Within this guide, we’ll break down the learning process into distinct phases and construct a roadmap tailored to mastering ReactJS.

What to learn before React?


HTML serves as the foundation for structuring web pages. You will use the HTML structure in a new syntax i.e. known as JSX when you code in ReactJS.

While an in-depth understanding of HTML isn’t necessary, having a fundamental grasp of commonly used tags. This familiarity with HTML basics will aid you in effectively utilizing JSX within ReactJS.


When we talk about CSS, the scope is too high, however, important the topics I have mentioned below:-

  • Basic Selectors
  • Pseudo-Classes
  • Box Model
  • Flex-Box
  • Grid
  • Position (Relative/Absolute)
  • Responsive Design


JavaScript is one of the most popular scripting programming languages. It is quite vast. To enhance your code quality, it’s highly advisable to invest significant effort in learning JavaScript.

If you’re interested, you can check out Easy Coding School’s topic-wise explanation of JavaScript.

NPM Ecosystem

You should understand how to use npm, yarn, and node version manager (nvm) for running and testing ReactJS apps locally. Having a basic grasp of their functions can be useful for debugging if you encounter any problems.


Git is a tool for controlling versions of your code, making source code management better. Although it isn’t directly linked to ReactJS, learning its basics can help you make the most of the development environment.

Easy Coding School covers all Git topics. Get a quick grasp by taking their “crash course on Git“.

What to Learn as a Beginner to React

The beginner phase is really important because it teaches you the basics of the language. These basics are like the building blocks, so it’s essential to spend enough time learning and practicing to truly understand how things work.

  • Learn How to Set Up Your Development Environment
  • JSX
  • React Components
  • State in React
  • Props in React
  • Lists and Keys in React
  • Life Cycle Methods in React
  • Styling
  • Data Handling
  • React Hooks
  • State Management in React
  • Routing

and much more. I hope the roadmap has been useful to you. Remember to practice regularly as you navigate through the journey ahead.

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  1. I learned coding from many websites but didn’t get any specific output but Easycoding school helped me to learn the subjects in easy way. I would like to say heartfelt thanks to the owner of the website who is working very hard to make each and every topic easy to understand.
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