OpenAI PHP Client

OpenAI PHP Client is a supercharged PHP API client that allows you to interact with the OpenAI API.

Here’s a brief example from the package’s readme of using the OpenAI PHP client:

client = OpenAI::client('YOUR_API_KEY');

$result = $client->completions()->create([
'model' => 'davinci',
'prompt' => 'PHP is',

echo $result['choices'][0]['text'];
// an open-source, widely-used, server-side scripting language.

OpenAI has a broad range of uses related to natural language processing (NLP), generating code from natural language, and more. To start using the OpenAI package, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the OpenAI platform. I’d recommend starting with the API docs and OpenAI API examples.

At the release of this post, the OpenAI PHP client supports the following resources:

To start using OpenAI with your PHP applications, check out this package on GitHub at openai-php/client.

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