Create a Basic JavaScript Object

Consider everyday objects such as vehicles, businesses, and birds. All of these are objects: tangible things that people can see and interact with.

What are some of the characteristics of these objects? A automobile has four wheels. Items are sold in shops. Birds can fly.

These traits, or properties, define what an object is made of. It is important to note that similar objects have the same features, but their values may differ. For example, all automobiles have wheels, yet not all automobiles have the same number of wheels.

Objects are used in JavaScript to model real-world objects, giving them attributes and behavior similar to their real-world counterparts. Here’s an example of how to use these ideas to make a duck object:

let Dog = {
name: "BullDog",
numLegs: 4

This Dog object has two property/value pairs: a name of BullDog and a numLegs of 4.

Q. Create a duck object with name and numLegs properties, and set them to a string and a number, respectively.


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