JavaScript – HTML DOM Methods

HTML DOM methods are JavaScript functions that allow you to interact with and manipulate the elements of an HTML document (web page). These methods provide a way to perform various actions on HTML elements, such as retrieving elements, modifying their content or attributes, and responding to user interactions.

Within the DOM, every HTML element is represented as an object, and the programming interface consists of the properties and methods associated with each of these objects.

What is the property?

A property holds a value that can be changed. For example, you can use properties to modify the content inside an HTML element.

What is the method?

A method is an action that you can perform, such as adding or deleting an HTML element.


In the below example, we will set the inner text of the paragraph with the help of the `getElementById` method, while `innerHTML` is a property.

document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = "Hello World!";

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The `getElementById` method.

A fundamental JavaScript method called getElementById is used to access and modify HTML items on a web page based on their unique identifier, or “id” property. This technique is mostly applied in the Document Object Model (DOM) to interact with and dynamically change web page content.

The innerHTML Property

The easiest way to get and modify the content of an element is by using the `innerHTML` property.

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